Get Michael Winslow Sound FX Package Download Free Motion Alarm Sounds

Use as an:

  • Entry alarm
  • Automated bulletin board

Thousands of Uses!

Use Your Imagination


Protect your home, valuables and most importantly - your family with the amazing Sound Sentry XL motion alarm. It's a portable recordable motion alarm that you can place anywhere, your home, your office, your car - anywhere! This inexpensive motion sensing alarm system has hundreds of uses. It's also great for Halloween or Christmas greetings on your door!! With the included removable sticky pads and velcro strips you can stick it to any flat surface (such as a wall) or use the included stand to place it on the floor or a table. Press the record button to record any sound, from alarm sounds to dogs barking to a verbal warning - anything you can think of! The sound plays when anything moves within 11 feet of the sensor. Runs on plain AAA batteries. As seen on TV by millions of viewers demonstrated by actor/comedian Michael Winslow.